This is the official page of Prof Iain Woodhouse’s Win More Grants eBook.   It is simply meant as a place to share ideas, discuss the content, or offer alternative views on the approach presented in the book.   Please share your own experiences as a grant writer or grant panel member, so that others can learn from them. Iain also blogs at ForestPlanet and Acadenema.   You an follow him on Twitter @fortiain.

Prof Woodhouse has given courses on grant winning at the University of Edinburgh’s School photoof GeoSciences since 2011.  He incorporates an approach that combines his 20 years of experience of writing grants and being on review panels, and his experiences as a co-founder of two start up companies and adviser to a further two.  This unique blend of academic writing with the skills learned from sales and marketing and “pitching”, offers a completely different approach to grant writing than that offered by most traditional books on the subject.

If you would like Prof Woodhouse to come to your institution to run a workshop on grant applications, please contact him directly via: www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/geosciences/people



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